“Once you have a wireless charger around, then using it becomes second nature and you would top – up more often. Its one tiny hassle removed from the day. The phone doesn’t even need to be carefully aligned with the plate, so all you have to do is just set it down and let it charge.”

“If you’ve got a couple of Qi chargers, you will really appreciate the convenience they bring.”

“I will admit to believing it was a gimmick at first. But 6 months later, it has become a necessity. I truly enjoy the wireless features, and would never buy another phone without it.”

“We’re pretty big fans of the wireless charging ability as it beats stumbling around in the dark looking for a cable and then taking a whole load of attempts to finally get it plugged in.”

“The [HTC Droid] DNA features the Qi wireless charging technology. The phone began charging within a couple of seconds after being placed on the Nokia Lumia 920’s charging pad. Simply remarkable.”

“Once you have a wireless charger around, you wouldn’t want to be without one. It’s like getting rid of one frustration at a time. The phone just needed to be set into the charger and it will do all the work. Which it does fairly rapidly; there is a speed penalty to wireless charging but it’s surprisingly light and most wireless power – ups are around 10 to 20 per cent slower than direct charging, I found.”

“The convenience of simply dropping the Nokia Lumia 920 onto the Qi charger is great. I now have it sitting on my desk so when I am there, the Lumia 920 is already charging up which can lead to it being charged up more often.”

“We managed to hold the Nokia Lumia 820 a good inch off the charging plate and for it to still be getting a necessary charge through, shows how greatly efficient the charging plate is.”