Qi: The global standard – The best user experience
The concept behind Qi is pure and simple: all devices bearing the Qi logo are mostly compatible with all Qi marked chargers. This therefore eliminates the need for separate chargers, cables, and adapters when traveling. Qi is practically a global standard operational brand which means that your device can be charged wirelessly wherever you are hence the term “pure and simple”.

In this retrospect, Qi is dubbed the proven leader when it comes to wireless charging. Qi so far has an unrivaled reach that delivers the best user experience, and is moving in a fast pace direction to bring about new wireless charging innovations to the ever growing global market.

Wireless charging infrastructure for the mobile world
With Qi by your side, you no longer have to lug around separate chargers for each of your devices. All it takes is for you to bring along your Qi – enabled devices with you, and simply find your closest charging station when you’re low on power; you’ll mostly find them in offices, hotels, airports, railway stations and coffee shops. To date, the Qi charging stations are conveniently set – up as Wi – Fi hotspots, and soon the Qi logo will become a major consideration factor for consumers shopping for a new wireless compatible device.

The logo
Qi takes its name from the traditional Chinese concept of intangible flow of power where the principle depicts “life energy” or “energy flow”.  With that concept in mind, the logo is a symbol of guarantee that your device can be wirelessly charged wherever you go, hence constant “energy flow”. The logo is stylishly simple yet easily noticeable and soon enough, you’ll find it on all various forms of portable devices and packaging.