Group of successful casual people standingWireless Charging Zone (WCZ) is an organization that is mostly composed of global wireless charging zones that span around the continents through network links and sites and is initially introduces the supplying of the revolutionary wireless chargers nationwide.

The Wireless Charging Zone focuses on a new wireless power transfer technology that provides spatial freedom for the charging of electrical devices in vehicles, on table tops as well as multiple devices simultaneously. The awesome benefits of this innovative wireless charging zone approach include:
• A simpler and user friendly form of wireless power control system.
• Wireless charging zones that are spread out across convenient locations for easy access.

The organization has three objectives:
a)      To provide innovative methods of supplying revolutionary electronic charging technology based on spatial network freedom and shares its benefits to a broad base of consumer electronic devices through multiple creative platforms.
b)      To grow and nurture the beneficial use of cable – free – power technology worldwide.
c)       To encourage the set – up of more wireless charging zones on a global basis.

The organization is dedicated and seriously looking to attract vested interests from industry representatives that mostly include device manufacturers, mobile operators, chip vendors, automotive companies, furniture manufacturers, the engineering sector and test and regulatory services. It is will that purpose in mind that we founded the WCZ, where a growing community of forward – thinking and innovative pioneering cross – sector industry leaders, government agencies and regulatory bodies work hand – in – hand to create a better power paradigm that will astound and innovate on a worldwide stage.

We are determined and dedicated in establishing the proper guidelines and standardizing an infrastructure for the future of wireless power charging.